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Marie Angelo

Welcome to Imaginal Studies, where wonderful Inner Arts of visionary imagination are invited to illumine and inspire.

It’s ‘the Way of the Imaginal,’ by which I research the ‘Splendor Solis,’ combining my training as an independent Archetypal psychologist-scholar with my long-term background as student and teacher of the Western Mystery Tradition at the School of Memphis.


Splendor Solis

The ‘Splendor of the Sun’ is a Renaissance book of 22 dazzling illuminations set within seven alchemical treatises.

Inside the images, I recognized keys to the animate and animating ‘sun behind the sun’ of the Mysteries.  I’m writing ‘imaginal studies’ of the Splendor Solis into books, to share these discoveries in detail.


School Of Memphis

Announcing a ‘School of Memphis’ Community Interest Company (CIC) - ‘re-storying’ Imaginal Studies to the larger landscape of Ancient Egypt, where the great temple schools of Memphis taught the original Alchemical Arts.

Honouring a great teacher’s life-work and legacy, this new, not-for-profit project maintains the spirit of the True Schools of old.